Well this is awkward…

Kinda like the time I shared this photo of me looking at a pencil, and everyone thought I was staring quizzically at a pregnancy test.



Or when took it upon myself to educate a living legend on slang terms for penis mid-podcast…

KIRSTY: A quick sideline before I move on. Given that the theme today is Australia, doodle does not mean picture in Australia. So, just if you tell that story when you’re over here, just make sure you choose a different word.

ROB: Great.

KIRSTY: Otherwise, it might sound a bit dodger.

KIRA: Wait, what does doodle mean in Australia?

KIRSTY: It means penis.

KIRA: Oh. Great. A drink for a doodle. That’s great.

ROB: This interview just keeps getting better and better.


Let’s agree I’m better at launches than most other things.