Giving you a crystal-clear framework that told you what to write, when to send it, and why?

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Because templates are useful…

Swipe files are handy…

And tutorial Tuesdays are pretty effing amazing… (#WIEBEISKWEEN)

But every campaign is different--

And a copy-paste approach to strategy will only get you so far.

If you’ve ever found yourself --

  • Swearing at your screen after one too many hours trying to nut out a plan and getting absolutely nowhere (‘YOU CODSWALLOPING SACK OF HAIRY POO FARTS!’)

  • Moving your welcome sequence down to the to-do list… 11 weeks in a row (‘Who needs a list anyway?’ *nervous laughter*)

  • Sending out a sequence you *know* could be better but having no idea how to fix it (‘Maybe it’s the timing? Or the flow? OMG WHAT IF IT’S THE FIFTH WORD IN THE SECOND PARAGRAPH OF EMAIL THREE???’)

  • Or seeking advice from your collection of home office succulents (‘Share your knowledge, oh spiky-desert-plants-of-wisdom!’)

EVEN THOUGH you know how to write…

You’re in the right place. And I’ll get you sorted in 60 minutes.


Allo, allo!

I’m Kirsty. I understand emails and I understand humans (thanks, previous career in counselling!)--

A combination that’s allowed me to get some pretty cool achievements under my copywriting-belt.

Things like…

  • A launch sequence for an online course creator that increased sales by 175%

  • A drip campaign for a client in the hotel industry that increased the number of website visits by 46.98% over the course of four weeks

  • And a welcome sequence for my own biz that boasts an 81.6% open rate, 7.83% click rate, and gets regular replies (hello, engagement!)

I know email strategy can be tricky. And not being able to get a handle on it can be intensely frustrating…

I also know people try to copy-paste a plan of attack waayyy too often --

And then wonder where they went wrong.

But here’s the thing…

You wouldn’t tackle someone in a game of tennis, right?

Or bring a racquet to a volleyball match?

And you wouldn’t bust out a backward-somersault-triple-twist to move your team ahead on the footy field...

Even though the aim of all those games is the same: score points and win.

So yes—

…someone might have found a great way to engage their audience with a welcome sequence

…reduce abandoned carts with a triggered autoresponder

…or drive home conversion with a killer launch series, BUT—

Every project is unique, and working out how to leverage the products and prospects accordingly is key to your pop-the-champagne, unleash-the-high-fives success.

So here’s what I’m proposing…


We’ll talk goals, challenges, and brilliant ideas, so you walk away with a brand spankin’ new sequence outline, complete with--

  • Send schedule

  • Goals

  • Content

  • CTAs

All mapped out against your prospect’s journey.

It’s a process I go through on all my big projects — the ones clients pay me upwards of $5,000 for…

But in those projects, I do the actual mapping on my own, presenting them with the outline once it’s complete.

In this session, I’ll talk you through my process as we go, so you walk away with the know-how to repeat it…

Again and again and again.

And it won’t cost you thousands…

It’s all yours for $450.


“Cathartic, productive and mind-blowing.

It was like a fun mini therapy session, but with bonus biz stuff! I expected to come out of it with a clear plan for my email sequence (check!), but I’d never have guessed Kirsty would help me feel more confident about sharing and owning my story. Seriously, that’s HUGE!

Before we talked I could barely remember the journey. And now I’m keen to get it out there and connect with my peeps!”



Step #1: Peruse my calendar and pick a time.

Step #2: Make your payment and sign the T&Cs.

Step #3: Fill out ye olde intake form, so I know what challenges you’re up against and what you’re trying to achieve.

Step #4: Show up to our session (comfy clothes and bed hair welcome) and be prepared to mesh brains. I’ll be picking yours and - of course - you’ll have ample opportunity to pick mine.

Step #5: Have a nap, enjoy a margarita, or tackle something else on your to-do list while I get to work putting your sequence outline together. It’ll land in your inbox within 24 hours of our session, complete with send schedule, goals, content outline and CTAs, all mapped against your prospect's journey.

Step #6: Get writing, with the confidence of someone who knows *exactly* what they’re doing.


I’m a fellow copywriter… is this for me too?

Hell to the yes.

YAY! Can I use it for my client projects if I want to?

Of course!

Will this help me plot out future sequences?

That’s the plan! This is all about me inviting you into my process, so if you’re someone who learns by experience, you’ll walk away with much more than the solution for your current quandary.

I need help with the actual writing of the emails too… Is this something you offer?

It sure is. If you feel like you need a second, wised-up pair of eyes on your sequence after you’ve drafted it out, we can talk about a copy audit or punch up service. The first option involves me diving deep into your draft to tell you where you can improve and how, and the second option involves me making these improvements for you. If you want me to take care of the whole sequence from planning right through to execution, take a look at what’s on offer on my services page.

I can’t find a time on your calendar that works. Have you got any other slots up your sleeve?

Ah yes… living at the arse-end of the International Date Line can make meetings tricky. If there’s nothing on my calendar that suits, send me an email with a couple of dates and times that would, letting me know what part of the world you’re in.

I have another question…

Sock it to me


“I feel a lot more confident.

Before the session, I knew what I needed to say, but didn't know how to say it. Kirsty helped me move past my assumptions and tightly held beliefs, and gave me clarity and direction.

I really liked the way Kirsty went through each email & explained the WHY behind it, as well as the little tips she gave here & there. The strategy document was AWESOME - it outlined everything so clearly and gave me the motivation to get it done.”