‘Allo! I’m Kirsty.  

Launch copywriter, ex-psychotherapist,
and owner of a surprisingly flat head.


There are a few other things you should know about me.

I never use templates...

I only work on one big project at a time (hellooo, deep dive!)…

And I’m a BIG believer you should build the box to fit the launch —  not the other way around.

Because a truly great launch isn’t about numbers and copy-paste formulas…

It’s about people. And human nature. And authentic, genuine connection. 

Which is where my previous career as a therapist comes in preeettty handy. 


I spent 10 years of my life rolling around in the world of psychology

Studying it, practicing it, and teaching it at university. 

So as well as getting a pretty impressive handle on the mechanics behind things like decision making, motivation, and change processes, I also got a stack of experience building rapport, leveraging emotions, uncovering blindspots, and moving people forward into better versions of their lives... 

And I did all of it using only words.

*mic drop*

At the risk of sounding incredibly pompous, I want to point out that I also have a great sense of humour and a knack for storytelling.

I guess you could call me a triple threat... 

Kind of like the Hugh Jackman of copywriting, but with less propensity for muscle growth. I also don't look quite as good in shiny gold pants.

Hugh Jackman.jpg

Nevertheless, how 'bout it: shall we work together?