Which is worse:

a) Writing copy a certain way because you know it works… but don’t *really* know why?

b) Having your client/boss/team question parts of your copy… and not being able to justify it well enough to ensure it makes it out into the wild in its best form?

c) Questioning your own knowledge and skill because of scenarios a and b?


That's alright— you don’t have to choose one. Let’s agree they all suck and your life would be better off if you never had to deal with ANY of them EVER again.

The good news is I’ve got something I’m almost certain will help (and it’s free — HUZZAH!)...

A 30 minute live class on how to justify 3 key copy moves like a pro.

I’ll be covering:

  • Why you need to call out your prospect’s pain points (even if it makes your client uncomfortable)

  • Why including elements of your client’s story is important (even if they’re worried it’s unprofessional)

  • Why persuasive is better than pushy, every damn time (even if your client wants a jam-the-offer-down-their-throats kind of approach)

AND offering some pick-em-up-and-run-with-’em justifications you can use next time you find yourself in one of those sticky situations.

It’s happening Wednesday 18 September at 8am Sydney time. And yep: there'll be a replay if you can't attend live.

As you might've guessed, I'm using the class as a way to launch the next round of Brain Camp

aka my course on the psychology behind high performing copy

And I bet you’ve either read that and thought “HOORAY!” or rolled your eyes and grumbled (rightfully so) about the state of free classes/webinars in 2019.

Hey, boo?

I promise you this live class will have value on its own.
And if you don’t want to hang around for the last 5 minutes while I talk about the course, that is 100% okay. I'd look like a damn fool if I tried to pull a hard sell STRAIGHT AFTER I'd talked about why that's never the best move.

True gif.gif


“All of this in 30 minutes???”

Yes indeedy! I don’t know about you, but I’m a little sick of 60 minute webinars (especially the ones that only spend 20 minutes on the stuff you actually signed up for). So I’ve cut the fat. And I’ll dive straight in.

“Is this only for copywriters?”

It’s for people who write copy, regardless of whether you call yourself a copywriter or not.

“I already know I’m not interested in Brain Camp. Can I still come along for the ride?”

Absolutely! As long as you’re not coming with the sole intent of writing d00dle in the chat box, I’d be honoured to have you.

“Will there be a replay?”

Yep! A limited-time version, but ONLY for those who register.