I write launch copy that really, truly resonates

(seriously, it’s science!)

so you connect with your prospects in ALL
the right ways — and get the results to match


If you’ve got an online course or membership, chances are you’ve been told these little chestnuts are all that matter...

Building a massive list

Running a gazillion and one Facebook Ads

Replicating whatever the big guns are doing in their launches

Crafting a webinar with 157 slides — even if the thought of being on camera makes you break out in stress pimples and a semi-permanent sweat moustache

Sending emails with cliché subject lines, like ‘DOORS OPEN’ and ‘LAST CHANCE!’ (*shudder*)

But you know as well as I do that you can invest a HUGE amount of time, money, and energy into all these things, and still wind up with results that are… welp, somewhere between underwhelming and deeply disappointing.

Hey, boo? There’s something I want you to know…


Launching isn’t a numbers game. Or a copy-paste path to success.

It’s about people. And human nature. And authentic, genuine connection.


For real.

A truly great launch — one where you roll around in a steady *ping* of Stripe notifications, welcome an INCREDIBLE bunch of new students, and wind up feeling *seriously* energised about the work you do and where your biz is going — is alllll about showing up as yourself. 

Resonating with the right people.

Respecting every single one of your prospects as a fellow human, with needs and desires and stumbling blocks and fears and doubts and BIG HAIRY GOALS. 

And building something you’re proud to stand behind (yep, that comfort and confidence in what you’re putting out into the world? It *really* matters).

Because if you can do all of that, the rest flows like San Pellegrino on a hot summer’s day.



By crafting a launch that’s authentic to you and resonant for your prospects, you get a whole lot more than a fatter bank balance and a bigger sphere of impact…

You walk away with the confidence to show up as yourself, the freedom to be your own authentic brand of weird, and the ability to connect with your audience on a meaningful level.

And THIS is what allows you to step into your full potential and claim your space in the world.


Wondering how I can make such grandiose claims —
And why I’m harping on so much about human nature? 

I spent 10 years rolling around in the world of psychology —
studying it, practicing it, and teaching it at university. 

And the things I’ve riffed about here are all HEAVILY informed by that. Because, as long as we’re still selling to human beings (keeping an eye on you, Siri, you creepily clever robot lady!) things like connection and trust and meaning-making are what truly great launches are built on.



Approaching launches from this angle has allowed me to accomplish some preetttyy cool things, like…

More than double conversions AND my client’s profits on my first ever launch project

Smash another client’s goal of 20 students, by bringing in 110 (nope, not a typo)

Bring in an additional $280K of revenue in one single launch for another, and

Sell out my own course on my first launch, with a conversion rate of 10.4%


Wanna see what I can do for YOUR next launch? 


Kirsty clarified our messaging perfectly. I didn’t change one word in her copy.

She understood the mission, understood the pain points of my clients, and NAILED IT.

Our goal for the launch was 200 new students, and we closed the doors with 275, more than doubling our launch profits!!!

She made our launch so easy and low stress. We handed her the reigns and she crushed it.
— Erin Mullins Sanderson, Fit Rocker Chick

I’d give my left eyebrow to work with Kirsty on EVERY single project that lands in my lap.

Not only is she a creative bucket of fun to work with, she also understands the psychology behind every line of conversion copy.

Kirsty does funny and smart. AND she delivers results. Results, as in, a $450K+ launch.

Hire Kirsty. Or take my left eyebrow and I’ll work with her FOREVER.
— Kira Hug, Kira Hug Media