Because I'm more about preparation than improv (and copy based on assumptions is no one's friend) I have a process I like to follow with every project. It looks like this:

01. Discovery


Are we a good fit?

This is a question we should all be asking regularly, whether we're addressing a new romantic partner or very expensive pair of shoes. I like to ask this right at the start of our relationship so if the answer's no - for either of us - no one gets strung along.

This process of discovery starts with a neat little survey (which you'll be directed to when you click on any of my services), continues with a short and excited email exchange, and concludes with a phone call. I'll ask you all sorts of things about your project, including what you're struggling with, the scope, your time-frame, budget, and what will constitute a success. You can also ask me questions of course. And you should. Like I said earlier, it's a two-way street. 

If we're both thinking good things about each other and are excited to work together, I'll send you a quote, contract, and proposal. Once you sign and pay a 50% deposit, I'll get to work. 

02. Research


I'll spend time getting to know you, your business, and your customers so I can create copy that resonates. I'll ask you for any existing data you have - from brand guidelines to customer communications - and also compile my own, from in-depth chats with you, customer surveys and interviews, and a good ol' poke around the places your ideal customers and biggest competitors hang out. Think of me as your personal 007 (key differences being I've never killed anybody and posses a relaxed 'take-em-how-they-come' approach to martinis). 

Once I'm done, I'll share my findings with you, so you can use them to inform other parts of your business, hide them in your broom closet, or print them out and make them into paper aeroplanes. Your choice. 

03. Planning


If you thought effective email campaigns were just about writing until you've said all the things, you'd best sit down.

They're about sending the right messages (which may be different to those you're currently sending) at the right time to best match the recipients' cognitive and emotional journey. I'll speak - or, more accurately, write - to your audience's pain points, reservations, concerns, hopes, and goals, addressing all of these in a logical, compelling sequence.

If this sounds confusing, don't worry: I'll compile it all into a neat little plan, outlining the email sequence by number, topic, call to action, and suggested send schedule. You'll have a read, ask questions, provide feedback, and - once you're happy - give me the green light to get cracking on the copy.

04. Creating


With the research done and the plan signed off on, it's time for me to write. I have a lot of fun with this and frequently chuckle at my own jokes as they come out of my fingers and land on the keyboard.

I know... I need to get out more.

Once I'm done, I'll share the copy with you, along with some comments or questions for your consideration. 

05. Editing


This is the part where you review my copy and provide uncensored feedback. Remember that we've already agreed on an outline, so we won't be changing any of that in this phase. It's more about me tweaking my wording or revising certain sections of text until we have something you're happy with.

Of course, if you're happy with the first version I submit - as many of my clients are - we can skip this step and give each other virtual high-fives. 

When you've got copy you're happy with, you pay the remaining 50% of my project fee and I release the completed documents. 

I promise I won't disappear into the sunset once the money's in my bank account. I'm a copywriter, not a con artist, and I love seeing how my work performs, exploring ideas for future projects, and exchanging intermittent email banter, which may or may not include the occasional meme. 

06. Launching

Now it's over to you. You have emails you're excited about and business goals you're ready to achieve.


So,  what are you waiting for?

Hit send, smash those goals, and feel good about investing in my services. 



Kirsty nailed every brief, conveying the exact persona we were after while still including our key campaign messages.

She brought forward some amazing ideas and looked at things differently than the business had in the past.

The results from this were some of the best we’ve had to date.

Copywriting for digital comms is becoming increasingly difficult, but Kirsty has a way of cutting through the noise to deliver messages that get results.
— Ellyse Saundersen, Content Marketing Coordinator, TFE Hotels