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Here’s a little taste of what the last round of Campers are saying…

I now approach every bit of copy I write from a more strategic angle. I understand the persuasive process in a more clear way than I did before, and I don’t feel like I have to rely on templates to write copy. My trusty Brain Camp notes are invaluable, and I sound like an expert copywriter (and honestly, positioning strategist) when I whip out the principles I’ve learned.

There’s just honestly not another course out there like it.
— Emily Zoscak

Brain Camp has given me a better understanding of what to put where and WHY. You’ve equipped me with all these shiny new techniques, as well as explaining some that I already knew, in more tangible ways.

I’ve got way more confidence when communicating with clients — from walking them through the copy (hello less push back!) to talking about the value I can bring.

This is at the VERY LEAST equal with copy school (probs better tbh... shhh don’t tell Queen Wiebe).
— Ami Williamson

Dunham headshot.jpg
Brain Camp was way more actionable than other copywriting courses I’ve taken.

I LOVED all the examples. And the Zoom calls (can we get about 96 more of those?), and the Slack group where you answered all kinds of questions, even when they were beyond the scope of the course. The copy critique was amazing as well.

Seriously, I’ve taken a lot of copywriting courses, and this was the best.
— Erika Dunham